Welcome to All the Sweets and Other Eats. Here you’ll find sweets, healthy recipes, and everything in between. 

Born and raised in Connecticut, I spent much of my childhood in my favorite room of any house: the kitchen. Watching my mom cook dinner for our family of 5 almost every night as I did my homework, or joining her in the kitchen to bake desserts and birthday cakes throughout the year, introduced me to the idea that food brings people together. When you’re eating with others, you’re happy.

To this day, I love food more that I love almost anything else in this world. I like talking about it, making it, and feeding it to people. I like watching shows about it, reading magazines about it, and looking at pictures of it. Most obviously, I like eating it, and that is why I started this blog: to share recipes and food that I have enjoyed with others.

I would love your feedback on my blog. What kinds of recipes are you looking for? More healthy recipes and less sweet stuff (just kidding, less sweet stuff will probably never happen). More restaurant blurbs about my favorite spots in Denver and beyond? Please leave me a comment if you have any ideas of how I can make All the Sweets and Other Eats more enjoyable to my readers!

Thanks for reading and happy eating!


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